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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities


Our school values each individual equally regardless of their Special Educational Need. We pride ourselves on inclusion for all children, wherever possible, and are proud of the way our children accept others for what they are and help with their support.


Teaching children with SEND can involve a number of the following:

 careful planning and preparation by the classteacher

 1 to 1 support with an adult in or out of the classroom

 small group support with an adult in or out of the classroom

 involvement of outside agencies for expert advice-assessment and in school support

 adapting and using areas in school for specific support


Great care is taken to make sure that children with SEND are not singled out and have full access to the curriculum. We have access to a wide range of specialist skills and highly trained staff in school as well as partnerships with a range of outside agencies who will help and support.


If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact our Inclusion Manager (SENCO), Miss S Tolley.