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Online Safety


Parents and Carers, please be aware of the advise for TikTok below. The restrictions have been placed for your child's safety. 

Safer Internet Day 2020

The Online Safety Savers met up and put on an assembly to promote e-safety across the school. They used 'Chicken Clicking' by Jeanne Willis as the stimulus to encourage discussions. The children from all classes were able to explain how to stay safe online and ways to help little chick stay safe and stay away from sneaky foxes! 

Parental controls

If you want to ensure that the parental controls and privacy settings are placed correctly on your child's gadgets and apps, then use the link below to search for the device for a step by step guide, to give them a safer online experience. The guides include: Xbox, Playstation, Roblox and even networks like EE and Sky. Feel safe that your child can be curious while staying safe online. 


'Thinkuknow'is an educational programme which protects children both offline and online!

Do you think you know how to stay safe online, on your pc, smart phone or tablet? 

Have a go below at the game 'Bandrunner' if you are aged between 8-10 to see if you answer all the questions related to e-safety correctly! 

Online Safety Savers: February 2019 

The school council (who are also known as the Online Safety Savers) gathered recently to discuss how we could promote e-safety across the school and how they could monitor their own classes. 


Safer Internet Day 2018

The Online Safety Savers took a list of activities back to their classes and each class voted to choose which one they wanted to do. They also delivered an assembly explaining what the 'Acceptable Use Policy' was so that everyone would understand the letter that was being sent home.

Safer Internet Day 2017

In our whole school assembly we listened to the importance of making positive comments when we are online as well as the damaging impact of making negative comments towards other people. The Online Safety Group decided to produce an information leaflet about YouTube Kids which they worked very hard to get ready in time for Internet Safety Day.

The Online Safety Group suggested two ideas and after talking to their classes they decided the activity we would do for Safer Internet Day was to create positive comments stickers to attach to eachother's t-shirts. This was to help show the positive impact kind comments have both in person and online.