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Celebration Assembly

11 October 2019

Writer - Leaha. Awarded for her newspaper report. She included many features, fronted adverbials and speech punctuation.

Reader - Hope. Awarded for her amazing summary of The Highwayman.

Maths- Miley. Awarded for her work on finding square numbers. She used equipment and recorded the numbers in arrays.

Pupil - Jakob. Awarded for his excellent attitude to learning and especially his perseverance.

27th September 2019 

Writer - Hannah. Awarded for use of excellent descriptive language in her work.

Reader - Ashton. Awarded for his great response to our text ‘The Highwayman’.

Maths - Faith. Awarded for her work on place value and use of equipment in lessons.

Pupil - Callum. Awarded for his help at lunchtime with litter picking.

13th September 2019

Writer - Gracie. Awarded for her poem about feelings and beautiful descriptive language

Reader- Morgan. Awarded for excellent responses in class reading sessions.

Maths - Oliver.  Awarded for his work on place value.

Pupil - Millie. Awarded for an excellent attitude to learning and never giving up.