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November Maths


The children have been looking at the relationship between equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. They have discussed how they all link and were surprised how they match, especially when saying the statements out loud e.g. 30% is 30 out of 100 so 30/100 so 0.3. 

Partner work: 

In pairs children choose one of the percentages off the board and used a 100 square to colour in that fraction. They then wrote the percentage, fraction and decimal shaded. 


Solving problems involving fraction and percentage equivalents


Using the NRICH problem - Doughnut percentages,  children worked together 'in silence' to match the dominoes. They had 16 cards to pass between 4 players to help one another to complete their doughnut. However, the rules made this challenge a little more tricky!!  

- Each member starts with four dominoes in front of them, visible to the rest of the team.

- Team member can only give dominoes; they can not take dominoes off someone else. 

- Each team member must have at least two dominoes in front of them at all times

- No one can talk or give non-verbal signals. 

The children worked well and were able to complete this challenge.