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Local History and WWII project work

DUE DATE: 14.12.20                                                                                              Year 6

Through our topic of Local History and WWII project, we have looked at different parts relating to WWII. The children are asked to create 6-8 pieces of homework related to the following:

  • World leaders
  • Blitz
  • Evacuation
  • Air raid shelters
  • Rationing
  • Women’s role in WW2
  • VE Day
  • Effects of WWII on Coventry
  • Battle of Britain
  • Impact of WWII to the 21st century
  • Allies and Axis


Children can use the following ways to present the information they find:

  • Diary entry
  • Newspaper
  • Poster
  • Non-fiction report
  • Quiz
  • Fact file
  • Art piece related to WWII e.g. air raid shelter, painting of the Blitz or gas mask.
    (Be imaginative as you can!)

Children are expected to bring their homework in every other week to show that they are building on their work or to email the year group email address. 


Remember to use the information online and write in your own words. Be vigilant in the websites you choose to use.


Thank you,

Miss Sankada