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School Clubs

Breakfast Club


We currently run a Breakfast Club in school which starts at 8.00am. The cost of this is £2.50 per child per day. This can be booked via Sims Pay. 


After School Sports Clubs

We also offer a range of after school sports clubs which run for 6 week blocks on various evenings after school depending on year group. Clubs range from Gymnastics and Dance to Athletics and Golf. Letters are sent out towards the end of each 6 week block detailing the available clubs for the next block and children are able to sign up. Limited places are available and the cost is £6 per block payable in advance. For more information please contact the school office.

Newdigate Football Team

School Choir


The school choir takes part in lots of local events and performances and is a popular club. It is run my our music coordinator Mrs Lawrence, and rehearsals take place after school at various points throughout the year. See below page for more information and pictures of some of our latest performances

Science club


Water - we investigated the effect of freezing cold and hot water and the children found that hot water actually freezes quicker than cold water! This is known as the Mpemba effect.


Time - we looked at reaction times depending on sleep. Those that slept for longer than 8 hours actually had a slower reaction time!