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Autumn Term

Welcome back, 4S!


We're so glad to see you all back after lockdown and the Summer holidays, and can't wait to start some fantastic learning with you! On this page, we'll be adding examples of the amazing learning you do during the Autumn term, across a range of subjects. 


Let's have a brilliant Autumn term!

Mrs Smith and Mrs Colledge

In English, we've started learning about a poem called Overheard on a Saltmarsh, written in 1917 by Harold Monro. We annotated the poem as a class, looking at the plot, characters, mythology, language patterns, and the poet's use of standard English and poetic conventions.

In RE, we have been learning about different forms of prayer. We had to order the different stages of Islamic prayer.

In History, we've been learning about the everyday life of ancient Egyptians. We looked at pictures of daily life, and thought about what we could see and know for sure, what we could infer and what questions we wanted to ask.

In English, we've been learning about setting descriptions. Have a look at our whole-class writing, where we wrote a setting description based on this picture!

In Science, we've been learning about the difference between battery and mains power. The class discussed and sorted appliances into a venn diagram, to show which kind of power is used.