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Year 6

Easter Activities:

I hope you are all looking after yourselves and making the most of the time away from school. I have put together some ideas for you to do over the Easter holidays. These ideas will include: maths, reading, art, D & T, games, and music! Try and do one a day!


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Spelling Shed and Maths Shed

The children can use the following link to go onto Spelling and Maths Shed. Their logon details can be found on the back page of their reading records. 

Daily English tasks:

Please refer to the date below and follow the order of the daily tasks. There will be one uploaded every
day. If you would like to email me your work, feel free! 

Daily Maths tasks:

Children should refer to their home learning packs for daily maths activities. Once these have been completed, try the daily maths activity added below. Please follow the date order. 

Other maths activities you can do include: Maths Shed, Bitesize and


Looking for something fun and creative to do? Here are some ideas you could do: 

- Bake and write a set of instructions 

- Arts and crafts - could you make your mythical creature from household items? could you create a painting or collage? 

- Watch a film and write a film review

- Create your own TV show with toys or puppets


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Charanga Music:

Children's work:

Some children have sent me some work through and I thought it would be great if you could all see!


If you also want to send me some work: take a picture, send it to the email provided in your home learning packs. If you need some help with this, please email me. 

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