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Year 5 - Miss Tolley/Mrs Bell

PE - River Dance

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We worked in groups to create a dance showing the movement of a river.

Solving Equivalent Fraction puzzle. We really had to think!!!

Performance Poetry

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Year 5 wrote and performed their own poetry about the sea

Year 5 were lucky and had 6 PE lessons at the gym. They especially enjoyed the high bars and the beam.

To celebrate Remembrance Day, children produced some fantastic pieces of artwork of poppies in a field. Children used chalk pastels and developed their charcoal skills to smudge and blend to create a background with poppies in front of it.

17th October. This week, children looked at the main scene of Macbeth where he kills King Duncan. Children worked in groups of 4 to role play the key events that occurred.

4th October. Today, children in 5T visited the book fair. Children looked at all the books that were available to buy and picked out their favourite to read. They then shared and discussed their chosen book with the rest of the class

In maths, we played different games in order to recall all our times tables quickly. We used playing cards to play times table snap, completed activities on Mathletics and completed a puzzle matching up questions to the answers

Autumn term: Continuing our charcoal art, children produced dagger pictures (which related to our Macbeth book in literacy). Children thought carefully about creating light and dark areas and how to show different designs.

Autumn term: our artwork focus this half term is to develop skills using charcoal. The first lesson focused on developing our charcoal techniques. Children enjoyed the smudging and blending... and didn't get too messy along the way

28th September: Children acted out a key scene in Macbeth, where Macbeth and Banquo meet the 3 witches. Children thought about how the characters would talk and act to create the right atmosphere and mood of the story

Within Macbeth, children looked at the scene on the Heath involving the witches. Children thought about the mood this created and used charcoal and pastels to create this scene in a piece of artwork

4th September: For our first maths lesson of the year, children had to complete a problem solving task where they had to make lights come on following specific rules. children worked hard in their pairs to find different solutions and used different resources to help them.