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Year 4 - Mrs Luck

Taking Maths outdoors! Year 4 challenge each other - who can throw the bean bag the furthest?

Year 4 asked some interesting questions during our RE roadshow.

Our finished Roman mosaics!

In Art today, we have used clay to prepare our tiles ready to make our Roman mosaics.





We enjoyed our World Book Day reading challenge, reading on the hour, every hour! We even invited some special visitors to read to us.

We celebrated World Book Day with our 'book treasure hunt'. Children had to retrieve facts and themes from a variety of books including fiction, non fiction and poetry. Can you find a book with a surprise in the story? With an elephant? With a moral or a lesson which can be learnt?


This week in Maths, year 4 have been counting in negative numbers.  The children have played ‘Tug of War’ Maths where they have had to use their understanding of adding and subtracting negative and positive numbers in order to beat their partner to the finish.


In PE this half term, 4L are taking part in team building activities.  


This week, the children have enjoyed ‘the hoop challenge’ - to see how many bands they can collect without any of their team falling out of the hoops into crocodile infested waters!



In Maths, we have enjoyed applying our times tables and formal addition learning to mathematical calculation games.  










In Art, as a part of our Ancient Egyptians topic, we have used papier-mâché to create canopic jars.  Ask your children to tell you all about why the Ancient Egyptians used canopic jars.