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Year 4 - Miss Tolley

In 4T, we have introduced a VIP award (very independent person) to showcase our independent learning in the classroom. Look at the sub page below for weekly winners. 

Night Fever Disco Dance

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In year 4, we have been looking at difference types of dancing including: Charlestown, Bollywood at disco. This video shows children completing a night fever dance. Children worked so hard to learn this dance and had such fun... some of them also learnt the lyrics and sung along.

In literacy, children have been retelling the story of Ug through acting. In pairs, children were given a section of the story and turned this into a play script. They then performed to the class. All of the class did a fantastic job and retelling their section and all used fantastic intonation and expression. Both me and Mrs Mosey enjoyed watching all performances.

Over the week, children have been looking at how to use the short method to divide. Today, children applied their knowledge of this to create their own bingo game. Children worked well together and enjoyed creating their own game. They applied their previous knowledge and used this to check their answers to the questions were correct.

As part of our Stone Age topic, 4T were looking at the purpose of Stonehenge. We found out that people used Saracen stones to create the monument. In groups, we used our maths measurement knowledge to measure how big the stones at Stonehenge were.

In guided reading this half term, children had a fairy tale week, looking and the different features used. As part of this, we summarised and created freeze frames of the key events in Jack and the Beanstalk. Children participated fantastically in group discussion and showed the key events which occurred

In maths, we have been looking at division of 2 and 3 digit numbers. We have used our place value knowledge and the equipment to make groups of hundreds, tens and ones. Showing the class visually improved their understanding of dividing and sharing

As part of our topic, children have created Stone Age food using different vegetables and fruits that people would have used in the past

4T's Mannequin Challenge

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9th November... To link in with their science topic of teeth, a company called Tetrapack came in to discuss where milk comes from. Children enjoyed learning about why milk is important and what it contains to keep our teeth and bones strong

In literacy, children have been looking at the different features of an adventure story ready to plan and write their own this week. Children worked so well in groups to story make The Pyramid adventure story we were looking at.

Children had great fun in science looking at solids, Iiquids and gases. They learnt how to recognise all 3 states of matter and grouped different materials using these descriptions

In RE this week we have been looking at what makes a good leader. We looked at how Jesus was a good leader and acted out stories about him

In year 4 this half term we have been practising our problem solving skills. We have used our knowledge of odd and even numbers to solve mathematical problems. We made sure we used different equipment so we could experiment with out answers.