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Year 3 - Mrs Lawrence

Year 3 relay

Still image for this video

Drawing volcanoes based on descriptions from a book

Exploring 5 types of mountain formations!

PCSO visit - Road Safety

Demonstrating the effect of bright clothing

Making beasts of nature come to life!

Year 3 testing forces which overpower gravity

Spring term awards

Callum - decorate an egg winner!
Priya and Logan - Lunchtime awards
Carla - Tammy Bentley award, teacher's choice

Matryoshka Dolls

Visit from illustrator, Bruce Ingman

Bruce read his new story
Bruce shows us how to draw a bicycle
Jaiden's bicycle
Tyler's bicycle
Ellie has her new book signed :)
Kyle has his new book signed :)
Amelia's fantastic illustration!
Monday's trip to visit Bruce in Warwick

Mannequin Challenge for BBC Children in Need

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Year 3 and 4 - Spelling and Reading Word List

Making webs and writing messages from Charlotte

Table Top Times Tables

Product Wars!
Product Spin!
Product Wars!
Product Snap!
Mind Reader!

Hands on maths!

Using Base 10 to support Place Value understanding
Applying Place Value understanding to a fun game!

What are the features of a human skeleton?

Creating human skeletons with art straws
Creating human skeletons with art straws