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Year 1 - Miss Western

We have used practical resources AND our great number knowledge to divide. Wow, Year 1!

We used instructions with non-standard units to make a Beast! Why do you think all the Beasts are different sizes?

We're going on a plant hunt...

Easter Bonnets

Well done to Harvey, Roxana, Kai, Lucas, Scarlett, Dawson, Mya, Ashley, Catherine, Chelsee, Harley, Igal, Ksawier, Naomi, Khloe and Kayon for making fantastic Easter bonnets.  An extra special Congratulations goes to Joseph who was chosen as the winner!

Parent Curriculum Day

Lots of parents came to enjoy some science activities.  We used our observation and drawing skills then made a quiz all about the different parts of a plant.  Thank you to everyone who joined in!



Some children in 1W have been using their number bond knowledge to find the total of three single digit numbers. Well done!

The Great Fire of London

We learnt the timeline of the Great Fire.  First, we watched lots of videos and did some role play. Then we sequenced lots of pictures and annotated them with details. Finally, we wrote a step-by-step recount.  Miss Western was amazed by how much we had learnt and remembered!


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Come to Selly Manor!

We have been making posters to persuade people to visit Selly Manor.  We practised our sentences out loud first. Can you spot our punctuation actions?


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Selly Manor Trip

Year 1 had a fantastic time at Selly Manor yesterday. We got to dress up and act out the Great Fire of London.  We learnt how the fire spread so quickly and how they eventually put it out.  Then we went inside the Manor and learnt all about family life hundreds of years ago. The children especially enjoyed laying the table, learning about chamber pots and spotting rats around the house!

Maps and Keys

We have learnt how to use a key to show where different features are on a map.  We looked at lots of picture of Scottish islands and looked at a map of Struay in our Katie Morag book.  We had to choose our symbols carefully and put all our geographical features in sensible places.  Next week, we are going to use this vocabulary in a post card!

Number sequences

These children worked hard using a hundred square to complete number sequences (2s, 5s and 10s).  It was a bit tricky because not all of the sequences started on 0. Some of them even went backwards!  We had to work out what the sequence was then carry it on.

Spring 2 homework sheet.


We have uploaded a copy of the Spring 2 homework sheet for year 1. This sheet will remain in their homework book for the half term and children can choose the activity/ activities that they complete each week. There are 3 activities, with a yellow background, that we would like children to complete by the end of the half term and they will earn extra house points if they complete more than these 3 activities altogether during the half term. Please return all homework books to school by the end of the first week back at school after the April half term holiday. Thank you.


Children should remember to…

  • Take pride in the presentation of their work.

  • Complete their work straight in their book, on paper and stick it in, or on the computer, print it off and stick it in.

  • Write in pencil and use felt tip pens or pencil crayons to colour in and decorate theirwork when it is appropriate.


Recognising multiples and counting on and back

Spring 1 Homework 

Thank you to everybody who chose some homework activities to try at home.  Well done to Joseph, Harvey, Joshua, Kamran, Harley, Beatriz, Lucas, Naomi, Sara and Dawson who brought their books in for Miss Western, Miss Chaddaway and Mrs Wicks to enjoy looking through.  Well done to Lilly, Roxana, Naomi, Khloe, Kamran, Mya, Kayon, Igal, Oliver and Beatriz who made the fabulous lighthouses that you can see below.  These children have all received one or two Froggy Raffle Tickets.  If you still have homework at home to share with us, we would love to see it.

We made lighthouses for homework!

World Book Day

Fourteen children from our class worked with an adult from home to make their very own book!  They used their prediction skills and knowledge of other texts to sequence pictures.  Then,  they added speech and thought bubbles to show how the characters were feeling and added sentences to tell the story.  Everyone thought of their own title and created a front and back cover.  Miss Western was really impressed with the team work and discussion!


If you would like to write your own story at home, follow the instructions to fold a large piece of paper into an 8-page booklet.  Have fun!

We have been measuring, comparing and ordering lots of containers by capacity.

Design Technology - Moving Pictures

We used folding and cutting skills as well as rulers to make our sliders and levers. We made moving pictures from 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.

Please note: PE will be on Monday 6th February instead of Tuesday 7th February. This is due to a visit from the fire service on Tuesday afternoon. Please make sure that your children have their PE kits in school and take out earrings in the morning.  Thank you.


Lighthouse Poems

As part of our work on 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch', we have written poems about a lighthouse in a storm.  We watched a video and made a list of nouns then added adjectives and verbs in a pattern.  We think our poems are very descriptive and give the reader a great idea about what it would be like to watch a lighthouse in a storm.

Rolls in gymnastics with Amy and Stacey

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We have been learning to do teddy bear rolls, forward rolls and log rolls!


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We have designed some wallpaper based on Victorian patterns. Next week will will make our own printing block to make real wallpaper!

Using a springboard in gymnastics

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We have been having fantastic gymnastics lessons with Amy, our coach from Nuneaton Gymnastics Club. Last week, she brought a spring board and we practised all sorts of jumps!


We are trying a new way of giving homework.  Tomorrow (20.1.17) the children will bring home one sheet of paper with a range of tasks for you to complete between now and February half term.  Please read this carefully with your child and ask us if you have any questions. Some children will still be bringing spellings home weekly.  If you want to do extra spelling with your child, please google 'year 1 words'.

Thank you, Miss Western and Miss Chilton

We loved working with the Beebots today in Computing! Thanks Mrs Nicholson!


We are working hard on our polar animals book. Miss Western is going to bind all of our pages together so we can put our book in the book corner.


Starting next week (Friday 13th January), we will be having an extra PE session each week with a qualified gymnastics coach. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school and look out for photos on this page!

Thank you 

All ready for our Christmas play...

We have worked in teams today to solve some problems about doubles and halves! WOW!

We are working independently to research polar animals! Search the BBC website to find out more.

Look at our wax resist hats and mittens!

Handwriting practice

Counting in 2s and 10s

Delightful Doubling!

Mannequin Challenge

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Year 1 Dinosaur Museum Day


On Thursday 20th October, Year 1 set up a Dinosaur Museum and invited all our adults from home to come learn all about dinosaurs with us!  We did some painting, dug for dinosaurs, made some dinosaur collages and played in the slime! 

Thank you to everyone who came to support this event - it is very much appreciated by all the pupils and staff!

Our Dinosaur Museum Photos!

Year 1 common exception words