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Year 1 - Miss Chilton

Smoothie making- Year 1

Thank you to everyone who donated and sent a bottle in for our smoothie making lessons. Year 1 really enjoyed it and it was a fun, healthy way to learn how to use grams and cm! :)

Selly Manor Trip

Year 1 had a fantastic time at Selly Manor yesterday.  We learnt about lots of interesting facts such as how the houses were made, what wattle and daub is and what it was used for! We also learnt all about family life hundreds of years ago. The children enjoyed our day out, learning about chamber pots, trying on helmets and other costumes and spotting all of the stuffed rats around the house!

Selly Manor pictures

Spring 2 homework sheet.


We have uploaded a copy of the Spring 2 homework sheet for year 1. This sheet will remain in their homework book for the half term and children can choose the activity/ activities that they complete each week. There are 3 activities, with a yellow background, that we would like children to complete by the end of the half term and they will earn extra house points if they complete more than these 3 activities altogether during the half term. Please return all homework books to school by the end of the first week back at school after the April half term holiday. Thank you.


Children should remember to…

  • Take pride in the presentation of their work.

  • Complete their work straight in their book, on paper and stick it in, or on the computer, print it off and stick it in.

  • Write in pencil and use felt tip pens or pencil crayons to colour in and decorate theirwork when it is appropriate.

Spring 1 Homework


Thank you to everybody who chose  to do some homework activities during Spring 1. Well done to Madison, Oliver, Alex, Talia, Tarun, William, Jayden, Romeesa and Olly who brought their books in for Miss Chilton,  and who all made the fabulous lighthouses that you can see below. Mrs James really enjoyed looking through their work, and the children enjoyed sharing their efforts with the rest of 1C. These children have all received extra house points to help their teams win the trophy. If you still have homework at home to share with us, we would love to see it.

Lighthouses for Spring 1 homework

World Book Day 2017!


A big thank you to all parents who attended our World book day sessions. We hope that you enjoyed the sound walk and working with your children as much as we did! The children really enjoyed working with you, and we had some really good verses for our class poem.


Taking ideas from all of the sounds that the children and parents heard, and what they thought was making those sounds, we have come up with a class version of The Sound Collector and we hope that you like it. See if you can spot some of the sounds that you picked up on during our walk.


A teacher called this morning

Dressed in red and white

She took all of the sounds away

And hid them out of sight.


The ringing of the telephone

The squeaking of the door

The singing on the radio

And the footsteps on the floor.


The crowing of the blackbird

The blowing of the trees

The crunching of the stones

And the rustling of the leaves.


The crying of a baby

The falling of the books

The clapping of the teachers

As photographs were took.


The chatting of the adults

The turning of a page

The giggling of the children

Enjoyment at all age


A teacher called this morning

She didn’t leave her name

There are no sounds left to tell you about

We hope she brings them back again.


A collection of sounds and lines from class 1C’s children, their parents and the teachers.

Children enjoying reading and book based activities during World Book Day!

Welcome to 1C, one of two year 1 classes here at Newdigate Primary! Step inside and see what Miss Chilton's class have been up to, lots of fun, interesting activities including lots of number work, phonics and topic, including some dinosaurs of course! frown



Please note: PE will be on Monday 6th February instead of Tuesday 7th February. This is due to a visit from the fire service on Tuesday afternoon. Please make sure that your children have their PE kits in school and take out earrings in the morning.  Thank you.


This week we have been lucky enough to have a 'Victorian Childhood' box in our classrooms from St Johns Museum in Warwick! This was full of exciting items to help children see what life may have been like during these times!


We used this box to create some fantastic pieces of work, including art and design and literacy. We used samples of Victorian wallpaper to help the children to design their own wallpaper, particularly looking at the repeated patterns and typical Victorian shapes. The children then used the block painting technique to then create their own Victorian style wallpaper!


We also compared items from past and present, looking at what we had in the box and collecting modern day examples of these items! This created lots of discussion about what school would have been like and what games children would have played! The children really enjoyed getting their hands on the items to compare.

Victorian items

1C mannequin challenge

Still image for this video
Here is our attempt at a mannequin challenge! Took us a while to get this still :) enjoy!!