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VIP awards

In 4T, we are working hard to develop our independent learning skills. To do this we need to make sure that if we need help we are:

Have a go independently,

Using the equipment in the classroom,

Asking a friend for advice,

Looking back at the success criteria for clues 


We have therefore started our own VIP award (very independent person). Children share their thoughts on who they think has been independent in their learning or who have asked for advice from their friends. Each week, someone is chosen for the award based on their peer's views.


keep an eye on this page to see who the winner is each week 


3rd February 

Well done to Heidi for trying hard to use the equipment in the classroom to help her in her work, especially in maths. Children in the class have noticed Heidi asking the people on the table for support if needed. 



10th February 

Well done to Stanley for trying independently within literacy and maths this week. Children in the class voted for Stanley as they feel he has supported them with their learning and has been seen accessing the equipment in the classroom. 

17th February 

Well done to Talan for winning this week's award. Talan has improved his confidence within himself over the last few weeks. He is beginning to ask for help when needed and will say when he doesn't understand a task. It has been great to see Talan's confidence and independent learning improve.