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Trips around the world

Go on some trips, from the safety of your own home!

All around the world there are cameras to let you see wildlife. Here are some to enjoy with your children.
  • Aquarium of the pacific. Some great cameras to look at sharks, penguins and others.
  • Africam. I have spent a long time watching the elephants so far! Leopards, lions etc. You can go to the LIVE wildlife channels and see lots of animals in the wild.
  • Edinburgh zoo. I chose the Koala’s to watch on this site! However, select something different to watch if you choose.
  • Explore. I watched the honey bees here. It was so interesting to see them busy at work. Lots to choose from on here.

What to do with the videos. Don’t just watch and enjoy them like me! You could;
  • Create a poster about the animals
  • Research the animals to find out some interesting facts
  • Create a fact file about what you know. What do they look like? Where do they live? What do they eat? Interesting facts?
  • Draw and label them. Fur, stripes, leg, nose, mouth, teeth, flippers, wings etc
  • Create a leaflet for the zoo. What could you see? How much would it cost to go?
  • Create a map for the zoo to show where all the animals might be.
  • Get a map online and add the information next to the animals.
  • Write some simple sentences about the things you have seen e.g. sharks can swim
  • Learn about what all these words mean: Nocturnal, camouflage, hibernate.
  • Sort different animals into different categories e.g. horns/no horns, live in the sea/live on land, can swim/can’t swim. Make up your own categories.


Have fun!