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W.B. 12-03-18

After learning about the continents in the world we focused on Antarctica and the South Pole. Before researching some of the animals who live there we acted out Robert Falcon Scott’s journey through the freezing temperatures.

Antarctic Exploration

W.B 29-01-18

While learning about about how Christmas Columbus arrived in Cuba we listened to some chapters explaining how he met the Tainos islanders. Some of then sorted statements and others read the chapters again to record the events that happened and how it made them feel. Then in groups we showed these feelings using role play.

Sailors vs Tainos

22-01-18 Hardtack Biscuits

W.B. 25-09-17


We examined historical mining equipment without knowing what it was we described how they felt and looked as well as making some predictions about the types of activities and jobs they could have been used for. After this we used charcoals to create observational drawings.