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Support for European Landmarks task

Here are some ideas for European landmarks that you could use to make your model:


The Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

St Paul's Cathedral - London, UK

The Colosseum - Rome, Italy

TV Tower - Berlin, Germany

Moher Tower - County Clare, Ireland

Acropolis - Athens, Greece

St Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin - Moscow, Russia

Windmills - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona, Spain

Tower of Belem - Lisbon, Portugal

Suomenlinna Island Fortress - Helsinki, Finland

Egeskov Castle - Kværndrup, Denmark

Bryggen - Bergen, Norway


There are quite a range of different landmarks here - places of worship, government buildings, castles, fortresses, homes - all unique and incredibly interesting places. You may have heard of a few of these landmarks but some of them will be new to you, and you could find out some fantastic information while you're researching how to build your model. Maybe you could write a fact file about your chosen landmark, to go alongside the model?


Some of them might be trickier to build a model of than others, so why not challenge yourself? 


We're looking forward to seeing your amazing creations, so please email us a photo once you're finished!