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Support for Capital cities writing task

Writing a letter home from your holiday in a European Capital City:


  • Remember – you’re writing a recount of what you have done and seen on your holiday. This means it should be in the past tense and first person!


  • Try to include specific examples of landmarks you’ve visited in the city – this would be a great place to use descriptive language, such as expanded noun phrases, similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration of your adjectives!


  • In your introduction, don’t forget to tell the reader where you’ve gone to visit (the city, and which country it’s in). Maybe you could say how long you’ve been on holiday there, who you are with, and whether you’re enjoying the holiday.


  • Try to keep your letter in chronological order, but pay special attention to writing about the landmark that you’ve chosen as your ‘favourite’ to visit.


  • Try to vary your sentence openers (include fronted adverbials, and vary the position of the clauses in your sentences), and to vary your sentence lengths/types (short, simple sentences can show your excitement, exclamations like What an amazing holiday it’s been! can be effective, and including a question in a letter can make someone want to reply).