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Spring Term 1

We have just started our Light and Shadow topic in Science. We have learnt that 'Darkness is the absence of light,' and how our eyes see things. We saw what the effect of turning the lights off had on our eyes, and we had a task to try and block out all of the light in the room. We did this by trying to build a lunchbox wall against the window, using exercise books to cover the doors, putting paper under blinds, and even the gluesticks proved useful! We have been very busy scientists in 3B!

In Geography, we have been learning about the United Kingdom, with a particular focus on the North East for the first couple of weeks. We have learnt all four of the UK's constituent countries and their capital cities off by heart, and we have been studying the Northern cities of Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough. We have looked at the rivers that run through these cities as well as their famous landmarks. We are also looking forward to our trip which links to art and geography.

In Maths, 3B have been placing 3 digit numbers onto number lines, by using their place value knowledge, and finding the halfway points to fill in the missing numbers.