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Dodge ball tournament...

On Thursday 4th December 4 of our class mates took part in a dodge ball tournament, against 3 other local schools, at Race Leys Junior School. They had been chosen by their sports coach at our dodge ball after school club and were all keen to play their best against the other schools.


Upon their return to school they shared this report with us...


We played 6 games. You got 4 points if you won, 2 points if it was a draw and 0 points if you lost.

Every team scored a minimum of 5 points altogether.


We had to follow some rules. We couldn't go past the red line, in the middle. We could only throw the ball underarm and it had to hit the other team's players below the waist. You were out if someone on the other team catches the ball without it touching the floor.


The adults who took our class mates to this event said that they were "SUPER SENSIBLE" as well as being the "MOST HONEST" players in attendance. We are SUPER PROUD of them all!