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W.B. 03/07/17

This week we have been growing beans and observing them in our window gardens. Now look at our updated photographs after two weeks of growth. Why do you think one set of beans has grown less?

W.B. 24/04/17


We examined the KS1 garden then planned different ways in which we could improve and add to it. We measured the garden in groups so that one box on our plan represented one metre.


W.B. 01/05/17


After discussing different places to find minibeasts we created our own bug houses using some of the natural objects found in their habitats, these included: moss, twigs, soil and decaying leaves.

W.B. 20/03/17


After deciding that paper wasn't waterproof we conducted an experiment to test what happened when water was dropped on paper after we had coloured one side with wax crayon. First we made a prediction for what we thought would happen then after testing it we wrote up what had happened.

W.B. 30/01/17


When looking at different habitats throughout the world we applied our knowledge of reading scales to record their average temperatures on thermometers. some of us needed to complete the scales by counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We were also able to work out the difference between the temperatures as well.