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Rosie's English Homework

Tuesday 20th September


The Dark Cave.


Once upon a time there was a bear that lived in a dark cave. The bear was scared of the light so he spent his life living in the cave and never came out. One day he found a tiger at the cave entrance. The tiger asked him to come out of his cave entrance but the bear ran back to the end of the darkness because he was afraid of the light.


After a while he went back to the cave entrance. The tiger was still there so the tiger said "Please come out and play with me." The bear said "No" so the tiger walked into the cave and asked "Why do you like the dark?" The bear said "Because I was born here and my mum and dad told me I was safe here."


"Where are your mum and dad?" asked the tiger. The bear didn't answer because he was too busy looking at the pictures of his mum and dad with him in their old cave that was blown down in an earthquake. The tiger said "You're missing out on all of the fun." "I will come out of my cave if you promise I will be safe and that I can go back to my cave for my sleep" said the bear.


They then entered the light wood. As soon as the bear said something he heard his mum and dad's footsteps. He said "Bye!" and ran back to his cave.


His mum and dad entered the cave. They said "Did you come out of your cave?" The bear said "No". His mum and dad handed him a few of his favourite sweets.


The end.