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Reading at home

Nothing is better than adults using voices and expression to read to children, however, we know that’s not always possible so here are a few websites to help while you are off!

Wow! This is amazing and one of our favourites. Some great books we use in school and you can read along. The children will recognise some and will love to listen to them over and over again. If it has ‘Read along with top tips’ this is brilliant to do together, as it stops and gives you things to look at on the page or questions to ask! Hours of entertainment and great for reading.

Oliver Jeffers is an author we use lots in school. He is reading one of his own books each day online so this will be well worth a visit.

Michael Rosen is the author of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and his Youtube channel is very good for rhyme, rhythm and to listen to.

Cbeebies books read by celebrities. Great for children to listen to.

Top Tips from us…

*Pause videos and ask your child questions to check their understanding.
*If you have the same book at home, get them to use the book to follow along and stop and point to things.
*Draw the characters from the story.
*Make paper puppets to re-tell the story.
*Create a story map (Pictures that retell the story from start to finish).
*Make characters out of play dough and re-tell the story.
*Act the story out. Be a character and decide what each character says. What do they do? How do they do it?
*Listen to it until they can read along with the book saying the words. This is a really important skill.
*Turn the sound off and support them reading along as the words go along the bottom.
*Just enjoy lots of books! It promotes language development and children really love it.


Happy Reading everyone!