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Power of Reading

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We are a Power of Reading school.  The Power of Reading is an English program designed to improve children's writing through immersion in high-quality real texts.  During the course of a unit, children will study one particular text in great detail.  They develop reading skills through a range of techniques and use their chosen text as a springboard into writing a variety of text types.  For example, children in year 2 use a picture book called 'How to Find Gold' as inspiration for work on persuasive letters, information texts, diary entries and adventure stories. This work also links with map skills in Geography, animals and habitats in Science and colour, pattern and texture in Art.  Spelling, punctuation and grammar skills are carefully planned in to match children's reading and writing in each unit.


Please have a look at some of the photos of our Power of Reading work!

Picture 1 Y6 art work inspired by scenes from Macbeth
Picture 2 Year 2 are experts on crocodiles,
Picture 3 Space topic inspired by 'Man on the Moon'
Picture 4 A fabulous description of the Iron Man
Picture 5 Writing about our own feelings in reception
Picture 6 Story maps with speech and thought bubbles
Picture 7 Non-fiction writing in Year 2
Picture 8 Role play in Year 5
Picture 9 Writing letters in year 1
Picture 10 Writing in role as Mr Grinling in year 1
Picture 11 Retelling through drama
Picture 12 Developing opinions on different texts
Picture 13 Persuading Beegu to be our friend
Picture 14 Can you guess which story reception are reading?
Picture 15 Printing skills inspired by Beegu
Picture 16 Writing in role as characters from Macbeth
Picture 17 Y3 hot seating to give advice to a character
Picture 18 Y5 make predictions based on prior knowledge
Picture 19 Poetry analysis and discussion in groups