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Maths at home

Please look out for activities that we will be assigning for the children to complete on Maths shed. 


Activities to do at home:


  • Practical maths, counting every day and singing counting rhymes (This may be another thing to share!) really helps your child develop ideas about number.
  • Numberblocks is great for the children to watch and learn. Start with series 1, episode 1
        All series and episodes are here…
        You could then do some work around each episode. They could write the numbers, you could get          them to count things out and you may get some maths ideas from the episodes.

  • N-Rich is a site we often use in school. You do need to read through the plans and then do the teaching with your child. Some great activities. I love the magnets on baking trays to help with counting and representation of numbers!