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3D shapes: March 2019

The children looked carefully at creating different 3D shapes and using their knowledge of 2D shapes to recall the names. They looked at the properties of shapes including: vertices, edges and faces. 

First connect three: January 2019

In maths, children have been trying to 'connect to three' using dice and their knowledge of operations. They were given a grid of positive and negative numbers, and using two dice they rolled 2 numbers and could use add or subtract to create a number sentence. They used cubes to cover their answer and the first person within the pair to connect to three, won!aces. 

Rounding: September 2018

The children in Year 6 were applying their rounding knowledge. They had to find a range of combinations using 4 digits and then round a chosen few to the nearest thousands. They investigated patterns and explained the reasons why some numbers rounded to the same thousand.