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Use your senses: April 2018

In our literacy lessons, we have begun reading the Princess' Blankets. The book focuses on a princess who is rather cold and cannot find warmth. A stranger attempts to warm her up using a range of different blankets. Children in Year 6 were given different boxes (which were covered) representing the different blankets. They had to use their senses to describe the items in the boxes and include descriptive and figurative language.

World Book Day: March 2018

The children at Newdigate Primary School participated in World Book Day. Different members of staff read to the children 'on the hour, every hour' for 10 minutes, choosing from a range of text types chosen by the children.

Macbeth art visualisation: January 2018

The children hot-seated as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's reactions of the prophecies. The children used the key events and the text to help consider the motive language that the character would be feeling.

Macbeth art visualisation: December 2017

The children imagined the sounds at the top of the heath in our story Macbeth. They used oil pastels and charcoal to present their visualisation to create a clear mood and atmosphere.