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In Nursery we follow the children’s interests and have flexible planning

At this time of year, the children are very interested in a couple of topics, these are:

  • Growth of plants and animals
  • Minibeasts

Both of which you will be able to see in and around your house, garden and local environment.

We have already seen that some children have been busy growing at home and going for lovely walks in the woods close to their homes, therefore I think they may really enjoy learning some more about this.

Here are some ideas for Growth of plants.

Oldies but goodies:

Come outside- (13-15 minutes long) You may remember Aunty Mabel as a child yourself! Mrs Willday’s son does. She can take you to places you just can’t visit in lock down!!

We’ve really enjoyed watching these.

Come Outside - Bulbs

Pippin and Auntie Mabel visit a farm where daffodils are produced. They then participate in the Spalding Flower Parade. ©BBC Entertainment. I take no credit ...

Come Outside - Dandelions

Auntie Mabel finds some dandelions growing in her garden and tells the story of how they came to be there. ©BBC Entertainment. I take no credit in this. This...

Come Outside - Carrots

Auntie Mabel is filling in at the school canteen, serving carrots to the children. She then explores how carrots grow and how they get from the field to the ...

Mr Bloom’s Nursery

This CBeebies program is brilliant for little ones for watch and find out about how to grow plants.

Hope you enjoy working in your garden. Mrs Bishop has been very busy helping get rid of the weeds in her back garden!

BBC Bitesize

BBC has just created 4 maths games based around a garden and growing. The program is called 'Bud's number garden.' We enjoyed playing these games.They are aimed at year 1 children, but there are parts of each game that nursery children would enjoy!