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Daily tasks - week beginning 13.7.20


We have decided not to set you any specific work to do on Friday 17th July, as it is the last day of Year 4! If you wish to send anything to us, you can still reach us at and we will reply. 


Thank you so much for being a wonderful Year 4 group, and while this year didn't exactly go the way any of us had planned, we are very proud of you all for how hard you've worked both in school and at home during these strange times. 


We're looking forward to seeing you all again (from a safe distance of course!) when we return to school in September and you're in your new Year 5 classes. We hope you have a wonderful and safe Summer Holidays!


Mrs Smith and Mrs West

THURSDAY 16th July: English - Transition (Year 4 wordsearch)

WEDNESDAY 15th July: English - Next year...

TUESDAY 14th July: English - Letter to the new Year 4s

MONDAY 13th July: English - Transition activity 'About Me'

Week beginning 13th July: Maths - ALL WEEK PROJECT - Board Game