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Celebration Assembly


Celebration Assembly 17th March 2017


Mathematician of the week Award-Cohen

Writer of the Week Award-Elise

Kind, helpful and Polite Award-Leland

Reader of the week Award-Leo


Celebration Assembly 3rd March 2017


Mathematician of the week Award-Charley-Mae

Writer of the Week Award-Alfie

Kind, helpful and Polite Award-Jessica

Reader of the week Award-Jacob


Celebration Assembly 10th February 2017


Mathematician of the week Award-Ariana

Writer of the Week Award-Grace

Kind, helpful and Polite Award-Owen

Reader of the week Award-Thomas

Celebration Assembly 27th January 2017


Mathematician of the week Award-Aiva

Writer of the Week Award-Callum

Kind, helpful and Polite Award-Callan

Reader of the week Award-Jake

Celebration Assembly 13th January 2017


Mathematician of the week Award-Szymon

Writer of the Week Award-Connor

Kind, helpful and Polite Award-Grace

Reader of the week Award-Theo


Celebration Assembly 11th November 2016


Mathematician of the week Award-Leo

Writer of the Week Award-Jessica

Kind, helpful and Polite Award-Roman

Reader of the week Award-Maisie-Anne


Celebration Assembly 14th October 2016


Mathematician of the week Award-Oliver

Writer of the Week Award-Thomas

Kind, helpful and Polite Award-London

Reader of the week Award-Ariana


Celebration Assembly 30th September 2016


Mathematician of the week Award-Lelend

Writer of the Week Award-Cohen

Kind, helpful and Polite Award-Elise

Reader of the week Award-Roman S


Celebration Assembly 16th September 2016


Mathematician of the week Award-Jacob

Writer of the Week Award-Aiva

Kind, helpful and Polite Award-Alfie

Reader of the week Award-Evie-Skye