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Celebration Assembly

Celebration assembly happens every fortnight. Children love to share their work and receive a certificate and praise for their efforts. They especially love that their parents are invited in specifically to see them receive these special awards! no


Awards include:

  •  writer of the week
  •  reader of the week
  •  mathematician of the week
  •  kind, helpful and polite


Celebration assembly: every other Friday, 2:45pm, lower school hall


September 16th:

  • writer of the week- Romeesa 
  • reader of the week- Frankie
  • mathematician of the week- Tarun
  • kind, helpful and polite- Kaine


September 30th:

  • writer of the week-
  • reader of the week-
  • mathematician of the week-
  • kind, helpful and polite-


October 14th:

  • writer of the week- Jaxon
  • reader of the week- Victor
  • mathematician of the week- Alex
  • kind, helpful and polite- Oliver