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Celebration Assembly

Friday 7th October 2016


Kind and Polite - Logan Owen

For always thinking about other people in his class and their feelings. He is a very kind and polite young man!


Writer - Noah Tremain-Bland

For really trying hard to improve his hand writing and for putting in extra effort to try to write in more length within the time given.


Maths - Blake Townsend

For listening hard to instructions in order to be able to work really independently on his multiplications and divisions this week. Sometimes he has even been able to help his peers on his table.


Reader - Nicola Sliwinska

For being a really active and vocal member of guided reading groups in order to really show her great understanding of the book that she is reading.

Friday 26th September


Kind and Polite - Ryder Grant.

For being a fantastically mature and polite member of year 3 at ALL times.


Mathematician - Ellie May Trace.

For some impressively quick recall of times table and number bonds.


Writer - Breanna Armstrong.

For putting in a lot of effort to improve her handwriting, with visible results!


Reader - Eirlys Gane.

For being a really active member of guided reading discussion groups. It's great to see how much Eirlys loves to discuss her books!