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Celebration Assembly



Kind, Helpful and Polite: Layla

Layla always makes sure children and adults in our class are feeling alright. Mrs Benn had been off school for a number of weeks and when she returned Layla had made her a card to show her appreciation.


Mathematician: Lucas (absent)

Lucas has been consistently working hard at home on Mathletics, the amount of points he has received has been excellent. He has therefore been the champion in our class for the last two months!


Reader: Kai

In guided reading Kai has been using excellent expression and intonation when reading, taking account of a variety of punctuation such as questions, exclamation marks as well as inverted commas to change his voice. This has been in addition to giving his own opinion when comparing the books he has read.


Writer: Kacey

Kacey has been working hard when re-reading and editing her work. When she reads her work again after finishing she has been using a number of strategies as well as her phonic skills to check that her spellings and changing many incorrect ones independently.



Kind, Helpful and Polite: Harvey

Around school and in class Harvey always uses excellent manners. Whenever I see him when he is getting ready for afterschool club or around school he always says 'hello' and this always makes me feel good.


Mathematician: Jayden

We were working with money and Jayden showed his understanding in lots of different ways. He made amounts in different ways by selecting coins, he used his times table facts to calculate purse totals and he used the place value of 10p and 1p coins to add and subtract.


Reader: Roxana

In guided reading Roxana has been given excellent descriptions of the characters including what they have been doing as well as their characteristics. She has also been using adjectives and story language when retelling these events to her partner.


Writer: Ollie

Since September Ollie has been working very hard to improve his writing. In his 'Goldilocks' story he used the vocabulary from traditional tales as well as some of his own ideas and word choices. His stamina to complete the story and to do so to a high standard was very good.



Kind, Helpful and Polite: Ashley

In class Ashley has shown excellent manners and polite behaviour. When working as a partner he has been very helpful and always tried his best to cheer them up by saying kind things and being supportive.


Mathematician: Mya

During our work on division Mya was able to read problems and record them as pictures and division calculations as well as recording the calculations and problems from the sharing picture. She worked very hard all week and concentrated very hard to get these tasks completed.


Reader: Harrison

Harrison has been reading loads at home and it is really showing in his class work. In guided reading he is reading more fluently and starting to use expression. As well as this he has been getting lots of raffle tickets!


Writer: Scarlett

Scarlett has been working hard to join letters in her handwriting and make sure letters are sized correctly both in Topic and English lessons. She is also now able to find words which she has misspelt and correct them herself.



Kind, Helpful and Polite: Kai

Kai was very kind o another child at lunchtime. While playing with his friends Kai saw that another child had nobody to play with so Kai stopped what he was doing and went to ask that child if they wanted to join in his game.


Mathematician: Vicky

In our lessons on division and sharing Vicky was able to identify how division calculations should be written by circling them then showing with a drawing and giving a further explanation as to why they don't work the other way around.


Reader: Layla

In guided reading Layla wrote  a thought bubble describing a character's thoughts at a point in the story. When she was asked a further question about what the character had been enjoying Layla remembered details from the previous chapter of the text.


Writer: Naomi

Naomi has recently recived a handwriting pen and showed excellent perseverance by neatly completing a story over the course of 2 lessons. She was even keen to finish it off properly during assembly time and her work showed the same care from the first to the last sentence.



Kind, Helpful and Polite: Scarlett

Whenever another child in class does well in their work such as becoming our 'Big Maths Champion' Scarlett is always very supportive and offers her congratulations. She is a very kind partner and friend for other children.


Mathematician: Kai

When solving money problems Kai used number facts that he already knew to write his own calculations with 2 digit numbers. He was also able to explain his understanding using mathematical vocabulary. 


Reader: Leyton (absent)

After working hard on precision teaching Leyton has got much faster at reading common exception words and can read the set he was given twice as quick!


Writer: Alex

In Science Alex wrote an excellent recount of our experiment. He included punctuation for the scientific question as well as bullet points and numbers when ordering his sentences. Alex also showed good understanding when using scientific vocabulary in his conclusion.



Kind, Helpful and Polite: Dawson

When our cloakroom was messy with lots of coats on the floor Dawson volunteered to help tidy it up by picking some of the coats up despite his coat not being one of them. Thank you Dawson!


Mathematician: Madison

We have been separating numbers into tens and ones then showing these tens and ones in different ways. Madison showed her understanding by using the dienes equipment and then began recording her working out using number sentences.


Reader: Ollie

While reading non-fiction pages about crocodiles Ollie was using his prior knowledge to make sensible guesses at word meanings. When we got to see the new front cover of our class book 'How to Find Gold' he was able to make predictions about the story linking to his knowledge of books he had already read which also included maps such as 'Pirates Love Underpants'.


Writer: Harvey

In English and Topic Harve has been making an extra effort to keep his handwriting the correct size and on the lines as well as making sure his finger spaces are the correct width.



Kind, Helpful and Polite: Lucas and Alex

Alex was absent for the last assembly when he would have been awarded this certificate. It was for his sensible attitude around class and his excellent manners. Lucas has received the award this week because after moving tables in English he has been a helpful partner to his new group, making sure they understand tasks and have everything they need.


Mathematician: Layla

Layla worked hard when completing pieces of work that were using number facts to solve other calculations. She was particularly speedy when using the inverse to subtract what she had added from a number to leave her with the original again.


Reader: Harrison

When learning about Remembrance Day the children were given a paragraph with missing words and Harrsison was able to independently choose the correct words to fill the gaps by reading and checking what he was saying made sense.


Writer: Olivia

We wrote Cinquain poems as part of our learning on Remembrance Day and Olivia used verbs and adjectives excellently to correctly follow the structure of the poem when writing hers.


Mathematician: Skyla

For speedily solving money problems using coins. Skylab used place value to make amounts out of 10p and 1p coins then she counted in 5s and 2s to find different combinations of coins that totalled 10p and then 20p.


Reader: Jayden

For a really enthusiastic attitude to reading. Jayden has been reading every night at home and because of this effort his fluency has greatly improved. He now knows more common exception words and has moved up to the next reading stage.


Writer: Leon

For an extra effort to improve his handwriting. Leon has made great improvements to his handwriting since the start of the year. He now forms all letters accurately and has reduced the size of his lettering while getting them mostly all on the lines as well.


Kind, Helpful and Polite: William

William has shown excellent manners during lessons and throughout school. His attitude around the classroom has been wonderful and he has been excellently behaved.


Mathematician of the Week: Frankie 

In maths Frankie was able to independently select NUMICON pieces to complete addition calculations then show that if the numbers were swapped around that the answer would still be the same.


Reader of the Week: Chelsea 

Chelsee has been able to compare and discuss different traditional tales during guided reading sessions. She has shown a good  of the main events in main tales as well as how the characters in them act.


Writer of the Week: Dawson 

In English Dawson wrote an excellent retelling of our class story ‘The Dark’ using exciting word choices such as adverbs and adjectives. His work can be seen in our English subject page.



Kind, Helpful and Polite: Naomi 

Naomi has shown high standards of behaviour in all lessons and situations. She has also given excellent support to Lucy Mai who is new to our class. Naomi was able to thoughtfully show her some of our class expectations and school rules.


Mathematician of the Week: Kacey 

During many maths lessons already Kacey has produced her best work, listening carefully and completing tasks neatly and correctly. She solved a place value problem by organising her work clearly and was even able to show her knowledge  when responding to her marking and explaining her thinking.


Reader of the Week: Ashley-James 

Unfortunately Ashley was absent from Assembly but will be receiving his certificate next time. He has really been impressing his teachers in guided reading by giving interesting answers as well as using expresssion to make the story sound really exciting.


Writer of the Week: Mya 

Mya showed super listening skills to carefully follow instructions during a grammar lesson. She was able to neatly rewrite all of the short sentences by joining pairs of them together with the conjunction and. Mya made sure she removed the full stop and capital letter each time.