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Celebration Assembly

Friday 16th June


Kind, Helpful and Polite: Leaha Aldington

For keeping the cloakroom tidy by picking up then making sure the coats are all hung on pegs as well as making sure the classroom is organised without even having to be asked.


Mathematician: Daysey Foster

For independently choosing a method of subtraction to answer a word problem and then solving them correctly while also making an extra effort to present her work neatly.


Writer: Amy Derby

For working hard to improve handwriting by getting quicker when carefully joining letter shapes as well as writing at greater length.


Reader: Kai Walsh

During independent tasks in guided reading Kai has carefully answered true or false questions and then explaining how he knew the answer by referring to the text as well as using his own knowledge.



Friday 27th January


Kind, Helpful and Polite: Vaughn Carpmail

Throughout the last two weeks Vaughn has shown an excellent attitude in lessons and has been working hard to do his best. He has been helpful around the classroom as well as demonstrating excellent manners.


Mathematician: Scarlet Sweeny

Scarlet has been working with increased independence in maths and did excellently when counting in 10s and 1s to total the prices of  items in our classroom shop. She was also able to find different coin combinations that would total the same amount.


Writer: Danalyn Duah and Hope Dunn

Both girls wrote excellent stories based on our Power of Reading text 'How to Find Gold'. They concentrated throughout the lesson including excellent description and detail but then also returned in the afternoon to complete their work beautifully.


Reader: Jude Cummings

When reading Jude has been concentrating and correcting himself when he makes mistakes. When doing so he has been able to explain the mistake he made, why it was wrong and how he knew to correct it.

Friday 13th January


Kind, Helpful and Polite: Aaliyah Paget

Aaliyah has demonstrated excellent manners in class and at the playground. She has also been a very careful and considerate partner in maths lessons by offering support to others on her table.



Mathematician: Daysey Foster

Daysey put her hand up to answer questions on the carpet and explained her understanding of how to position numbers on a number line. She was then able to complete the work in her book as well as a mastery challenge.


Writer: Sophie Kingsman

Since returning from the Christmas break Sophie has shown fantastic improvements to her handwriting working very hard on her sizing and joining in all lessons.


Reader: Keegan McRobb

When reading Keegan is showing a greater understanding of punctuation by pausing and correcting himself when reading. In lessons he has also shared his own ideas and compared some of the different class books we have read.


Friday 11th November


Kind, Helpful and Polite: Hope Dunn

Hope has shown very sensible behaviour during lunchtimes. She has been very polite when putting her hand up to ask and answer questions as well as always showing excellent manners.


Mathematician: Keegan McRobb

In maths Keegan as been working extra hard to improve the presentation of his work. His work when using number facts such as 3+4 to work out larger calculations such as 30+40 was very neat and clear.


Writer: Tyler-Jack Rose

At home as well as in school Tyler has been carefully practising his handwriting. He is no forming all of his letters from the correct starting point and is beginning to join.


Reader: Amy Derby

Amy has been demonstrating excellent listening skills when reading a variety of texts in guided reading such as non-fiction and traditional tales as well as books read to her in class. She has been engaging in discussion and giving detailed explanations of her understanding of all of these texts.


Friday 14th October


Kind, Helpful and Polite: Megan Powell

For always looking to help around the classroom, Megan always tries her best to make sure that everything on her table is put away neatly. As well as this, she often keeps things tidy without even having to be asked. Super work Megan!


Mathematician: Jude Cummings

Jude always works hard to carefully complete any maths work he is given. When we were measuring he accurately recorded his measurements in centimetres and completed a mastery task where he correctly measured objects which were not lined up exactly with 0.


Writer: Freya Donald (absent)

In all lessons Freya has shown a super improvement in her resilience when writing, impressing all her teachers. Freya is beginning to get her ideas down into her book more quickly while also working hard on letter formation and finger spacing. Freya was absent when we gave out these certificates so she will get hers next assembly.


Reader: Isabella Galvin

When reading The Pea and The Princess Isabella confidently explained her understanding of this and other traditional tales which she had read. She identified familiar language from these tales as well as expressing her opinions on the characters.

Friday 30th September


Kind, Helpful and Polite: Jayden Watson

Jayden always shows excellent manners in his interactions with adults always using please and thank you as well as demonstrating a cheerful attitude. He also creates excellent relationships with children in class through considerate behaviour, he is always willing to share resources.


Mathematician: Leaha Aldington

In maths we have been developing our own reasoning skills and Leaha gave a super explanation when noticing that when adding the two numbers could be reversed and it would give the same answer. She was then able to write down this explanation and come up with her own example.


Writer: Lewis Kennedy

Before starting any piece of writing we always spend time coming up with important vocabulary to use and rehearsing our sentences orally. When doing so Lewis came up with the word 'devious' to use and was able to explain the meaning. As a result many children in the class, including Lewis, were able to improve their work by using the word in their writing.


Reader: Monet Sullivan

In guided reading sessions Monet always activelytakes part in discussions around the book she had been reading. This week she was able to identify words in the text which showed how a character was feeling.



Friday 16th September


Kind, Helpful and Polite: Danalyn Duah

A fantastic start to the year, Danalyn was the first child in our class to get all the way to 'Superstar' at the top of the behaviour chart. She has shown excellent manners and behaviour, adapting to our school and class rules very quickly!


Mathematician: Kyra Malin

Kyra worked very hard to neatly complete her work on 10 less, 1 less and then a 'Mastery Challenge'. She followed instructions accurately and then read the challenge task carefully.


Writer: Kyron Cooke

Kyron produced a super report on Paul Klee as part of our work based around his picture 'Red Bridge'. Kyron used the possessive apostrophe correctly and was even able to explain why he had done so showing excellent understanding.


Reader: Kai Walsh

When finding information in a non-fiction paragraph about Paul Klee Kai read the paragraph carefully and managed to find all the key information. He even responded to the marking in his book to add extra detail.