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Celebrating your Home Learning!

A page for celebrating the fantastic work you've been completing at home!


We're looking forward to being able to upload some brilliant examples of the projects and learning you've been doing while school is closed.

Luke in 4W has researched and made a poster all about how we can help protect hedgehogs, which are an endangered species. We can learn a lot from this - fantastic work, Luke!

Naomi in 4W has written a lovely, descriptive acrostic poem about the Rainforest. Well done, Naomi!


Rain falls commonly 

Animals of all kinds of species

Intense heat in the summer

Natural resources

Food is grown for us to eat

Oranges, bananas and yummy fruit

Red eyed tree frogs

Exotic plants

Snakes slithering around

The Rainforest


Oliver in 4S has created a fantastic collage of the rainforest, using a range of materials. What a fantastic, colourful picture! Well done, Oliver!

Dawson in 4W has created his own rainforest dwelling creature, by combining a snake and a hedgehog! He has also researched and created a fact file all about the Amazon rainforest! Well done, Dawson!

Oliver in 4S has drawn a beautiful diagram and explained the different layers of the rainforest! He also used the knowledge he'd learned to create a board-game all about rainforests! Fantastic work, Oliver!

Josh in 4S has created a European landmark, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, using pizza boxes and photoshop! Brilliant Leaning Tower of 'Pizza', Josh!

Book Reviews - We hope you are all doing lots of reading at home but we know how tricky it can be to find a new book to read. Here are some reviews of books that children have been reading at home that could help you find another book you might enjoy. If you have a book you think people should know all about, write a quick review and email it in and we can add it to the website. Keep reading everybody!

Tarun in 4W has designed and made his own pizza - it looks delicious! Well done, Tarun!

Oliver in 4S has been working hard over the last few weeks to complete some fantastic topic work, including creating and illustrating a French weather report, drawing a rainfall graph for Vienna, and creating models of 2 European landmarks!

Alex in 4W has been making models of the Eiffel Tower, which is a significant landmark in Paris, France. First, he made it in Minecraft and then created a model with a little help from his Dad. Fantastic model, Alex!

Scarlett in 4W has combined our Topic and Maths learning to create a bar chart to show the average monthly rainfall in Vienna, which is the capital city of Austria. Fantastic work, Scarlett!

Joseph in 4S has created a quiz using the knowledge we researched in class about William Shakespeare. Then he's answered the questions! Well done, Joseph!

Olly in 4S and Alex in 4W have been researching and drawing flags from European countries. Alex then decided to design a flag of his own! Well done, Olly and Alex!

Olivia in 4W has used the vocabulary we learned in class to write a weather report in French! Brilliant to see you combining all that vocabulary, Olivia!

Madison in 4W has done some reading comprehension about Tybalt, one of the characters in Romeo and Juliet. She has thought carefully about what kind of person Tybalt is, how he interacts with different characters, and what evidence there is for this. Well done, Madison!.

Lucas in 4W has worked really hard to write a prediction about the story of Romeo and Juliet, based on the front cover and some extracts. He's also given evidence to back up his ideas - well done, Lucas!

Joshua in 4S has counted in fractions to work out which fractions are marked on the number line. He's then used great mathematical language and understanding of equivalent fractions to explain how he worked it out. Well done, Joshua!