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Celebrating the hard work of the Key Worker children in school!

A page for celebrating the fantastic work that the children of our key workers have been completing in school!


We're looking forward to being able to upload some brilliant examples of the projects and learning that have been going on in school!

We mixed paint to create grey, then painted our balloons. The craters look really effective now that they're painted!

Once the layers of papier maché had dried, we glued string into circles of various sizes, to represent the craters of the Moon.

Today we read and annotated a poem called Overheard on a Saltmarsh. We were able to spot language features, and inferred loads about the meaning of the poem, based on the language and our knowledge of myths and fantasy!

Starting Monday with some art. We're moving away from our Rainforest topic for a bit this week - I wonder if you can guess what the children might be making this week?

We have been learning all about deforestation and we've written persuasive letters to try and stop governments chopping down the rainforest.

Once our stones were painted with acrylic paint and sealed with PVA glue so that the paint wouldn't run, we added our stones to the snake! Everyone had so much fun - even the staff! Mrs Smith and Mrs Colledge painted some stones too!

We looked at pictures of rainforest animals and leaves, then designed and painted stones with rainforest animals, to add to the school's Covid-19 stone snake!

Here are some of the fantastic poems that the key worker children have written while in school. What brilliant imagery they've used!

Year 4 have written a group acrostic poem about the Amazon Rainforest.


Ancient, shadowy, colourful landscapes;

Mighty trees as tall as the Shard;

Acrobatic orangutans swinging gracefully through the dense, dark canopy;

Zooming high up, screeching, squawking birds hunt their prey;

Out of sight, fearsome jaguars stalk through the undergrowth, trying to stay invisible;

Nature dancing merrily in the immense rainforest.


What do you think of all the fantastic description that the children have included? 

We used watercolours to create pictures of the rainforest. We also used the ipads to research facts about the Amazon rainforest, and we drew, cut out and stuck pictures of rainforest animals.

We used a glue-gun, staple-gun and hammer to secure the front panels to the minibeast hotels. These stop everything from falling out. Don't they look fantastic now they're done?

We collected leaves, twigs and stones to fill the minibeast hotels. We had to use saws to cut the twigs to the right length - it was really important to be safe when using the saws!

We painted the minibeast hotels, and decorated them with drawings of the different bugs we hope will use them!

We used a combination of paper and natural materials that we collected from the playground to create collage scenes of the rainforest.

The children used nets to create boxes, and decorated them to help think of designs for our minibeast hotels.