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KS1 Sing-a-long Christmas play 19.12.18

History of toys in DT- Victorian peg doll making

Maths- measurement. Weighing objects and ordering from heaviest to lightest

Maths- measurements. Comparing height and finding objects that are taller/ shorter

Year 1 Trip- Tamworth Castle to learn about historical toys 🧸

Animals including humans Science investigation- using our senses

Children in need!

Animals including humans, Science- sorting animals

Maths- Using part part whole to half quantities

Peace and Reconciliation week- Poppy craft

Peace and Reconciliation week- Sadnesss stones

Maths- 2D shape and shapes in the environment

Maths- Addition using objects and tracks

REAL PE- unit 1, Static balance

Science- A walk to find the signs of Autumn's seasonal changes