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Autumn 2

In Maths, we were learning to use directional language such as: clockwise, anticlockwise, right angle turn, and the points of the compass. In the hall, Mrs Smith created a treasure map and we had to navigate our partners around the obstacles!

Celebration Pupils - 8.12.17


Writer - Monet

Reader - Aaliyah

Mathematician - Max

Kind and Polite - Esmée and Scarlet


Well done, everyone!

In Science, we have been learning about our bodies. We used artstraws to create skeletons, while thinking about the bones and joints.

Creating scratch art of the New York City skyline!

Celebration Pupils - 24.11.17


Writer - Harry

Reader - Daysey

Mathematician - Amy

Kind and Polite - Keegan


Well done, everyone!

Gymnastics for PE at the Midlands Gymnastic Academy!

Celebration Pupils - 10.11.17


Writer - Brooke

Reader - Jude

Mathematician - Esmée

Kind and Polite - Lewis


Well done, everyone!