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Autumn 1's Half Term Homework

For this half term's homework the children have been given a topic-themed cover sheet full of activities, mostly linked to our topic of 'Darkness'. We would like the children to complete all of the red tasks by the end of the half term holiday and as many of the white ones as they wish. They can complete them in any order they wish.

The children can either return their books to school when they have completed one or more tasks, for their teacher to see and mark their work then return it to them, or they can keep hold of it until the Monday after the half term holiday when their teacher will ask for ALL of the children's books to be returned for both marking and their new cover sheet to be inserted. We hope that by doing the homework this way we will be helping you as parents/ guardians when you have busy evenings or weeks and are unable to fit homework into them. Now you will have the half term holiday to catch up on them if necessary.

If you are unsure about the work or have any questions about it please speak to either myself or Mr Vasey.