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15th June 2020

Gosia and Lena's spectacular artwork!
Jaxon's fabulous hedgehog facts!
Archie J's clever, handy hedgehog!
Lena's final beautiful bird feeders!
Alyssa M's beautiful bee fact file!
Gosia creating Andy Goldsworthy inspired art!
Amelia T's delightful directions!
Sam's final marvellous bird feeder!
Bella A's fantastic hodgeheg family!
Lena making colourful 3D hanging hearts!
Amelia T's excellent English!
Archie J's super, prickly potato hedgehog!
Sam getting messy making a wonderful bird feeder!
Gosia's sensational bird feeders!
Alyssa M's fabulous hedgehog poster!
Amelia T's wonderful habitats poster!
Gosia's colourful basket!
Sam and Lena's incredible artwork!
Archie J's lovely 'Best Friend Day' reflection!
Lena getting messy making a tasty bird feeder!
Jaxon's spectacular hedgehogs!
Amelia T's pretty pebble hedgehog!
Lena getting messy making an amazing bird feeder!
Archie J's brilliant bee facts!
Gosia making her beautiful basket!
Sam making loveable 3D hanging hearts!
Sam's awesome Andy Goldsworthy inspired art!