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Year 5 - Miss White

Autumn 1


The children have all had a fabulous start to the year! We are well underway with our new learning in all areas. 


In maths we are focusing on the place value of numbers with more than 5 digits, mental strategies and addition and subtraction. We have been developing our problem solving and reasoning skills to support our understanding in these mathematical areas. 



Our focus text for the half term is 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. We have emersed ourselves in this narrative poem and have been appraising the language and illustrations that have been used to support the text. To bring the text to life we have created our own black and white line drawings for different sections of the poem. 



Forces is the scientific concept that we are learning about this half term. We are using our scientific enquiry skills to develop our understanding about gravity, friction and air resistence by completing a variety of practical activities. 


Crime and Punishment 

Linking well with our learning about 'The Highwayman' we are researching the history of crime and punishment from the Roman times to the modern day. We have used role play to investigate punishments in the Victorian and Medieval times, followed flow diagrams to match crimes to punishment from the Roman era and created our own timeline to demonstrate our understanding of what we have learnt. 


This half term 5W have been developing coding skills. We have learnt new vocabulary linked to computer programming including:





We have then followed instructions to create and run our own app.