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Goodbye Butterflies

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W.B. 14-05-18 Butterflies!

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We fed the Butterflies segments of oranges because they like sweet things to eat like fruit and nectar.

W.B. 07-05-18

The caterpillars have now pupated (become chrysalides) and we are waiting for them to harden and then hatch. When taking them out of the jar they were shaking a lot as a defence mechanism to ward off predators.

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W.B. 30-04-18

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What are the caterpillars doing now?

W.B. 23-04-18

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So far our caterpillars have grown a lot because of all the food they have been eating. Each of them has had to shed their skin several times because it has got so stretched by their quick growth.

W.B. 26-02-18

When returning to learn about animals in Science we looked at the different life cycles of animals. We linked our learning to English where we have been learning about foxes by watching the life cycle of a red fox. Then in groups we sorted and ordered photographs to create life cycles of butterflies, frogs and chickens. After that we created our own spinning plate life cycle.

W.B. 27-11-17
In our Science topic ‘Animals Including Humans’ we tasted different foods and decided if they were fruit, vegetables, protein or carbohydrates. After this we linked the work to our topic of ‘Space’ by examining astronaut meals, tasting freeze-dried astronaut strawberries and designing our own astronaut food pouch.
W.B. 16-10-17

Sorting Recyclable Materials