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Celebration Assembly



Kind, Helpful and Polite: Lucas and Alex

Alex was absent for the last assembly when he would have been awarded this certificate. It was for his sensible attitude around class and his excellent manners. Lucas has received the award this week because after moving tables in English he has been a helpful partner to his new group, making sure they understand tasks and have everything they need.


Mathematician: Layla

Layla worked hard when completing pieces of work that were using number facts to solve other calculations. She was particularly speedy when using the inverse to subtract what she had added from a number to leave her with the original again.


Reader: Harrison

When learning about Remembrance Day the children were given a paragraph with missing words and Harrsison was able to independently choose the correct words to fill the gaps by reading and checking what he was saying made sense.


Writer: Olivia

We wrote Cinquain poems as part of our learning on Remembrance Day and Olivia used verbs and adjectives excellently to correctly follow the structure of the poem when writing hers.


Mathematician: Skyla

For speedily solving money problems using coins. Skylab used place value to make amounts out of 10p and 1p coins then she counted in 5s and 2s to find different combinations of coins that totalled 10p and then 20p.


Reader: Jayden

For a really enthusiastic attitude to reading. Jayden has been reading every night at home and because of this effort his fluency has greatly improved. He now knows more common exception words and has moved up to the next reading stage.


Writer: Leon

For an extra effort to improve his handwriting. Leon has made great improvements to his handwriting since the start of the year. He now forms all letters accurately and has reduced the size of his lettering while getting them mostly all on the lines as well.


Kind, Helpful and Polite: William

William has shown excellent manners during lessons and throughout school. His attitude around the classroom has been wonderful and he has been excellently behaved.


Mathematician of the Week: Frankie 

In maths Frankie was able to independently select NUMICON pieces to complete addition calculations then show that if the numbers were swapped around that the answer would still be the same.


Reader of the Week: Chelsea 

Chelsee has been able to compare and discuss different traditional tales during guided reading sessions. She has shown a good  of the main events in main tales as well as how the characters in them act.


Writer of the Week: Dawson 

In English Dawson wrote an excellent retelling of our class story ‘The Dark’ using exciting word choices such as adverbs and adjectives. His work can be seen in our English subject page.



Kind, Helpful and Polite: Naomi 

Naomi has shown high standards of behaviour in all lessons and situations. She has also given excellent support to Lucy Mai who is new to our class. Naomi was able to thoughtfully show her some of our class expectations and school rules.


Mathematician of the Week: Kacey 

During many maths lessons already Kacey has produced her best work, listening carefully and completing tasks neatly and correctly. She solved a place value problem by organising her work clearly and was even able to show her knowledge  when responding to her marking and explaining her thinking.


Reader of the Week: Ashley-James 

Unfortunately Ashley was absent from Assembly but will be receiving his certificate next time. He has really been impressing his teachers in guided reading by giving interesting answers as well as using expresssion to make the story sound really exciting.


Writer of the Week: Mya 

Mya showed super listening skills to carefully follow instructions during a grammar lesson. She was able to neatly rewrite all of the short sentences by joining pairs of them together with the conjunction and. Mya made sure she removed the full stop and capital letter each time.