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Autumn Term

Friday 28 September 2018

Behaviour - Summer

For having an excellent attitude to learning. Summer is always ready to begin her learning, she concentrates and gives 100% effort to every task. A great role model.


Writer - Morgan 

For her diary entry, writing in role as Rose Blanche. Morgan included ambitious vocabulary and description in her work.


Reading - Zak

For reading regularly at home, bringing his book to school and changing it. Zak has also been working really hard in Guided Reading and participating fully in lessons.


Maths - Alexia

For excellent work using her knowledge of place value to estimate and round numbers. Her work was also very well presented. 

Friday 14 September 2018

Behaviour Award - Bethany 

for being a brilliant talk partner with her group and encouraging them with their work


Writer - Grace

for a descriptive poem about the amazing fruit juice in Weslandia. She used similes, adjectives and great vocabulary.


Reader - Taylor M

for responding really well to our book Weslandia, asking questions, making excellent inferences and using the text to evidence his answers.


Mathematician - Rocco

for amazing work with adding and subtracting powers of 10 from a given number